OGTSU announced the probable cause of depressurization on the KZU-1 gas pipeline

GTS Operator of Ukraine announced that a possible reason for depressurization on the KZU-1 gas pipeline was a construction defect.

“As of today, the KZU-1 gas pipeline has been restored, emergency and recovery work near the village of Chabany, Kyiv region, was carried out on time and completed on September 18,” said Yurii Zyabchenko, Chief Engineer of OGTSU.

It is reported that the Inquiry Commission is currently continuing to work but based on the information collected, it is highly likely that the depressurization occurred due to the inadequate quality of the welded joint blundered during the construction of the gas pipeline.

Right away the Commission is working industriously with representatives of the State Labor Service and additionally holds consultations with leading scientific organizations, more specifically, the Institute of Electric Welding of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, named after Paton.

To recap, on September 15, the main gas pipeline was depressurized in Kyiv region. This gas pipeline is used for gas transmission from gas production facilities in the eastern regions to underground gas storage facilities in the western region of Ukraine.

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