OGTSU joins GSA platform for power distribution at connection points

The Polish operator of the GSA platform and the Ukrainian operator of the gas transmission system Operator of the Ukrainian GTS concluded an agreement on the distribution of capacities at the Poland-Ukraine connection points through the GSA platform. This was reported by the press service.

It is noted that the first commercial auctions will be annual capacity auctions for the gas year 2020/2021, which will be held in accordance with the requirements of the European Network Code on mechanisms for the distribution of capacities in gas transmission systems and the calendar of auctions ENTSOG.

Market participants will be able to book capacity at the Poland-Ukraine junction points for the gas year 2020/2021 by participating in the annual product auction scheduled for July 6, 2020, as well as in the following auction procedures for quarterly, monthly and short-term products.

To recap, OGTSU will invest UAH 39 billion in infrastructure during 10 years.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian GTS Operator accused DTEK of unauthorized gas withdrawal for UAH 318 million.

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