OGTSU carried out gas transit between EU countries for the first time

The Ukrainian GTS Operator transited the first volumes of gas between the two European countries. This was reported by the press service.

It is noted that a well-known German energy trader ordered the transmission of natural gas through Ukraine along the route Hungary – Slovakia.

Gas accounting for this operation is carried out, as well as under a transit agreement with Gazprom – in energy units.

“After signing a new transit transport agreement with Gazprom and new inter-operator agreements with GTS operators of neighboring European countries, the GTS Operator of Ukraine is actively introducing new transport services for Ukrainian and foreign customers”, the statement says.

The new short-haul gas transit service allows transport service customers to transport gas between European countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and, in the future, Romania) through Ukraine. The beginning of the provision of this service will enable to intensify the gas trade between the countries of Eastern Europe and will allow additional loading of the Ukrainian GTS capacities, which after the construction of Nord Stream 1 are no longer fully utilized.

OGTSU also works on the creation of virtual points, which will simplify the work of both related operators and traders at points of interstate connections.

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