Poltavagaz sbut LCC stopped supplying gas to the population

Since March 1, Poltavagaz sbut LLC has stopped supplying gas to its customers in Poltava region, the press service of Gas Supply Company Naftogaz of Ukraine reports. Consumers receive gas through a temporary insurance mechanism for household consumers – a supplier of “last resort”.

Since March 1, 2021, Poltavagaz sbut LLC, which provided gas supply to 349 thousand household customers in Poltava region, stopped supplying gas to the population due to non-compliance with the requirements of the Gas Transmission System Code. Following the Gas Supply Rules, these customers will be temporarily serviced by the supplier of "last resort" (SoLR) – the gas supply company Naftogaz of Ukraine.

In the future, for uninterrupted gas supply, Poltava residents must choose and connect to a permanent gas supplier. Today, more than 50 companies supply gas to household customers in Ukraine.

“We would like to emphasize that the clients served by the supplier of “last resort ”do not automatically become commercial clients of the Naftogaz of Ukraine. The SoLR is a temporary solution to avoid interruptions in gas supply, which, based on the results of a government tender, is provided by Naftogaz of Ukraine, the report says.

Recall that the maximum price for natural gas from February 1, 2021, for the quarantine period, but no longer than until March 31, 2021, is regulated by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and cannot exceed UAH 6.99/cubic meter.

Gas Supply Company Naftogaz of Ukraine offers the price of natural gas in January and February for residential consumers within the Monthly tariff plan – UAH 6.86/cubic meter including VAT, excluding distribution (delivery) costs. The cost of gas for SoLR clients in January and February is UAH 6.99/cubic meter including VAT, excluding the cost of distribution (delivery).

As reported, gas suppliers must submit annual contracts in the second quarter of 2021.

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