Ukrainian GTS Operator has launched a virtual reverse flow from Poland

Head of the Ukrainian GTS Operator, Serhiy Makohon, said on Facebook that a virtual reverse flow from Poland through Drozdovichi gas metering station had begun.

“If there is an application for gas transit from Russia to Poland in the amount of 9 million m3 per day and on the same day there is an application for gas import from Poland in the amount of 2 million m3, then only 7 million m3 is actually transported across the border (9- 2). Previously, we couldn’t do such operations because of the historical transit contract and were forced to physically export all volumes of gas to Poland via Drozdovichi, and bring the necessary volumes back through Germanovichi point”, he wrote.

Previously, GTS was limited by the technical capabilities of Germanovichi pipeline, but now there are no restrictions, and by virtual reverse flow it is possible to import the entire volume of gas that physically goes from Ukraine to Poland (now it is 9 million m3 per day, last year the average transit to Poland was 12 million m3).

He also added that imports from Poland include gas imports from the Polish LNG terminal. The company expects that in the near future will open a virtual reverse flow in Slovakia and Hungary.

“The operators of these countries are working on this task. For our part, we are ready”, said Makohon.

Earlier it was reported that it was planned to rebuild Ukrainian gas transpmission system for transit capacity of about 40 billion cubic meters of gas.

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