GTSOU sued 4 regional gas companies

GTS Operator of Ukraine reports that in May the debt to the company for negative imbalances increased to UAH 1.4 billion, which is UAH 379 million, or 36% more than the accumulated debt for the previous four months of 2020.

The leaders in increasing debt in May were: Kirovohradgaz (+UAH 6.9 million), Ternopilhorgaz (+UAH 5.7 million), Donetskoblgaz (+UAH 3.4 million), Umangaz (+UAH 2.6 million), Ternopilgaz ( + UAH 2.2 million).

 Today, the level of settlements for negative imbalances is only 33%, and the total debt of 112 companies to GTSOU amounted to UAH 1 billion 445 million. Half of this debt was accumulated by five GDN operators (regional gas companies) – Luhanskgaz (UAH 271 million), Ternopilhorgaz (UAH 171 million), Kyivoblgaz (UAH 93 million), Kirovohradgaz (UAH 82 million) and Donetskoblgaz (UAH 55 million). In total, regional gas companies accumulated debt for negative imbalances to the GTS Operator in the amount of UAH 1 billion 087 million, and gas suppliers – UAH 358 million.

GTS Operator of Ukraine has already filed a lawsuit against Luhanskgaz, Donetskoblgaz, Ternopilhorgaz and Melitopolgaz. The company is preparing to file claims on other debtors in the near future.

GTSOU also complained about debtors to NEURC. The Regulator reacted and undertook to unscheduledly check the activities of Kyivgaz, Kirovohradgaz, Ternopilgorgaz, Luhanskgaz and Donetskoblgaz.

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