GTS Operator of Ukraine applied for certification

The GTS Operator of Ukraine LLC applied to the National Energy and Utilities Regulator to obtain a certification of gas transmission system operator, press service reports.

It is expected that the company will be certified by the National Energy and Utilities Regulator followed with a confirmation of the Energy Community Secretariat until January 1, 2020.

After certification, the GTS operator will receive the authority to transport natural gas through Ukraine and will be able to operate as an independent GTS operator.

The branch of the GTS operator is one of the key factors in the process of trilateral negotiations on the transit continuation of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe.

Due to the short deadlines, Ukrtransgaz turned to the Regulator and the Energy Community Secretariat with a request to conduct the certification process in parallel, in order to achieve the result before January 1.

“In turn, the specialists of Ukrtransgaz and of the GTS Operator of Ukraine LLC, involved in the certification process, will work 24/7 from October 7 to respond to all requests from the certification parties in time and in full”, the statement says .

On July 1, 2019, the penultimate stage of the project began in preparation for the separation of the Ukrainian GTS Operator.

The technical operation function of the gas transmission system of Ukraine was transferred from JSC Ukrtransgaz to a separate legal entity – GTS Operator of Ukraine LLC.

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