Negotiations on gas transit will be renewed after the meeting of Zelensky and Putin – Kobolyev

Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia on the extension of gas transit through Ukraine may be renewed after the inauguration of Volodymyr Zelensky and his negotiations with Russian President V. Putin.

According to Kobolyev, negotiations may take place in June.

“The party officially announced that it will negotiate only after the new president takes office and a conversation takes place between Mr. Zelensky and Putin. We are awaiting this event. I think, perhaps, these negotiations will be renewed in June”, Kobolyev said during the International Investment Conference “Game of thrones: final season?” in Kyiv on Thursday.

The Head of Naftogaz believes that the results of the negotiations will be key influenced by Germany, which directly affects the launch of Nord Stream 2, further US actions on sanctions in the Russian Federation, and the ability of Naftogaz to continue to sue Gazprom compensation of $12 billion in the case of non-signing of a new transit contract.

Recall, the European Commission planned to hold negotiations in the EU-Ukraine-Russia format regarding the future transit of Russian gas through Ukraine immediately after the presidential elections in Ukraine.

Source: pravda

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