Zelenskyi's press conference: the main energy issues

Volodymyr Zelenskyi held a press marathon “30 Questions for the President of Ukraine” in Kyiv, which, on top of everything, covered the issues of the energy sector of Ukraine. Kosatka.Media has made up a list of the key theses.


Zelenskyi said that the issue of dividing Ukrnafta has not yet been resolved, there is no money in the state budget to make payments to any company.

“The division of Ukrnafta did not take place. It is a way out of a long and difficult situation. But this issue has not been resolved. Kobolyev (the ex-head of Naftogaz) told me, and this is true, and Vitrenko (the head of Naftogaz) also confirmed this. I know that we don’t have money in the state budget to pay anyone, including Kolomoisky’s companies,” he said.

He also emphasized that the private shareholders of the company have great chances of winning in lawsuits against Naftogaz if the company is not divided.

Electricity imports

According to the President, Ukraine cannot abandon electricity imports from Belarus, partly since coal supplies from Russia are blocked to Ukraine.

"How else? Coal does not leave the Russian Federation, the Nord Stream is blocked there. And what should the state do?” Zelenskyi summed up, referring to Shuster.

Gas transit, Nord Stream 2


Zelenskyi said that if Nord Stream 2 is launched, Europe and the United States must ensure the security of Ukraine.

“Even if Nord Stream 2 was launched and it is going to be launched, Ukraine should get all the guarantees provided by the European and the United States of America: energy security and safety. There must be specific things, and each of our parties must fulfil its obligations and promises,” he said.

Zelenskyi also said that Russia did not accept Ukraine's proposal to increase gas transit through Ukraine.

“We are ready, but Russia did not agree to this. I heard rhetoric from the Russian side that they are ready to extend the contract. But apart from these statements, I have not heard or seen anything else. There were no substantive meetings between our people, the NJSC, for example, and Gazprom,” the President noted.

Energy efficiency

The President announced an energy efficiency program for the next three years, worth about UAH 100 billion.

Its goal is to reduce gas consumption against the backdrop of the threat from the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, which could cause billions of dollars in losses to the state.

“The reform on thermal modernization of all multi-storey buildings for the state will cost UAH 300 billion. This is a complex reform, there are no such funds in Ukraine today. But for me and the future government, this is the only way out, and the only, most important for today, reform for the state's energy independence. I believe we can do it. For the next three years, this amount will be UAH 100 billion”.

NPP security

Ukraine has introduced additional security measures at nuclear power plants to avoid interference in their work with the aim of destabilization.

“Today Energoatom is working with us as it never did. 13 blocks out of 15 are working. They work very stylishly. God grant that everything will be fine. We additionally protect them, to tell you honestly, because we know that today everyone wants to do so that there is energy destabilization in Ukraine,” Zelenskyi said.

During the press conference, Volodymyr Zelenskyi accused the owner of DTEK Rinat Akhmetov of blackmailing the authorities and creating an energy crisis in Ukraine, as a result of which the company's shares fell by 11%.

Earlier, Zelenskyi promised that there would be no blackouts, and there would be enough coal.

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