Putin: we are ready to preserve gas transit through Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that despite the construction of the Nord Stream 2, Russia wants to keep gas transit through Ukraine to European consumers. This is reported by BusinessCensor.

“As I have said many times, despite the construction of new infrastructure facilities, such as the Nord Stream 1, the Nord Stream 2, and the Turkish Stream, we will preserve transit through Ukraine”, Putin said.

He also said that the issue is in the volumes and terms of this transit. Russia is not going to conclude a contract for a certain period in order to stop transit later.

“No, we ourselves are interested in this. It is a convenient route”, Putin added.

Putin also said that Russia is ready to supply gas for domestic consumption at a discount.

“I think we will agree. By the way, we are on the way to these agreements. And we will strive to ensure that the Ukrainian side is satisfied with these agreements”, he said.

Recall that today trilateral gas negotiations will be held in Berlin regarding the signing of a new gas transit agreement, as the valid contract expires on December 31, 2019.

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