The Regulator did not find violations in the platform for daily balancing

The Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission completed an unscheduled audit of Ukrtransgaz. Mainly, it checked the work of the Information platform for daily balancing of the GTS Operator. The press service of the company announces it.

According to the act of verification, the National regulatory Commission did not reveal any violations, which in turn confirms that the Information platform operates in accordance with the norms of the current GTS Code and the legislation of Ukraine.

From March 1, 2019, the natural gas market in Ukraine was switched from monthly to daily balancing of the gas transmission system. Technically, the transition was made possible by the implementation of the Information platform for daily balancing of the GTS Operator. This software product is used by both the GTS Operator itself and the GDS Operators, gas producing enterprises, gas traders and enterprises directly connected to the GTS.

The platform allows automating the processes of electronic interaction and document circulation between the subjects of the natural gas market – the GTS Operator, gas distribution network operators (GDS) and gas transmission service customers. The key advantages of using the Platform are the switching from paper to electronic document flow, minimizing the processing time of nominations for transporting natural gas to one day, the ability to record volumes of gas inlet and output to/from the GTS in the context of days and form the portfolio of each customer of transportation services with details on it end users. Thus, the platform allows the GTS Operator to see the status of unbalances of customers for gas transmission services, monitor a sufficient level of financial support in each nomination, and therefore evaluate its own operating expenses and predict possible losses.


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