Russia and Hungary have agreed on gas supplies in the absence of a contract for transit through Ukraine

Even if Ukraine and Russia do not extend the gas transit contract for 2020, Russia and Hungary have agreed to supply Russian gas. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Péter Szijjártó after a meeting with the Head of Gazprom Alexey Miller in Moscow.

“The issue of energy security has acquired a geopolitical tone, given that the transit agreement between Russia and Ukraine will end at the end of this year, and not a single new contract has been signed yet. It means that a situation may easily arise when Russia will no longer transport gas to the European continent through Ukraine”, the Minister said.

“Today, we have concluded an agreement with Gazprom’s CEO that Gazprom will ensure the supply of natural gas to Hungary, regardless of whether a transit agreement will take place between Russia and Ukraine in the future”, he added.

The Minister said that they can buy natural gas for public and industrial use through Austria, as it was this year, the capacities of Hungary’s tanks will also be exploited. Hungary has at its disposal gas storage facilities of 6.3 billion cubic meters.

“Only now it’s really clear how good the decision was to build these storage facilities, because this year we can store enough natural gas in these storage facilities to ensure that next year will be enough to provide Hungary with natural gas”, said Szijjártó.

Hungary has reached an agreement with Gazprom to buy natural gas, which will be stored in the interest of supplu next year, and the company will supply the required amount. “It means that at the end of this year we can be sure that the security of Hungary’s natural gas supply for the next year will be guaranteed”, said Szijjártó.

Source: epravda


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