RGC successfully completed the first stage of hydrogen tests

The Regional Gas Company (RGC) has successfully completed the first stage of hydrogen testing of gas networks for compatibility with hydrogen at test sites in Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kharkiv regions, Energy Club reports.

During experiments in closed sections of gas pipelines, the hydrogen concentration was 99%. It is noted that this is one of the highest rates in Europe when testing systems designed for the transpmission of natural gas.

“We are prepared both in terms of security and cooperation with scientists for data analysis – we are ready for any surprises. Therefore, we decided to start with 99% hydrogen. Tests of gas systems with almost pure hydrogen allow us to immediately understand the scale of the problems: how worn out the gas pipelines are, what chemical processes are taking place with the materials of the system,” said Stanislav Kazda, Head of the Hydrogen Project, Director of the Strategic Planning Department of RGC.

Due to the high concentration of hydrogen, data were obtained already in the first days of experiments that allowed specialists to adjust the equipment of gas test sites. After that, the drop in hydrogen pressure in gas pipelines decreased 5-6 times.

The RGC program for the study of the operation of gas systems with hydrogen consists of three stages. The first two are field trials with static and dynamic experiments at proving grounds. Dynamic experiments will begin in the second phase of the project and will examine the effect of gas-hydrogen mixtures on conventional gas equipment.

Field trials at landfills will last until mid-2022, and will assess the specificity of using hydrogen and gas-hydrogen mixtures during two heating periods.

The third stage is the analysis of data obtained at the test sites, in the laboratories of the scientific partners of the RGC hydrogen project.

Regional Gas Company is implementing a project on the use of hydrogen in gas distribution networks within the EU Hydrogen Strategy. The company joined this European initiative in early 2020.

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