Russia is ready to continue a transit through Ukraine on its own terms – the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Pankin

Alexander Pankin does not exclude that the transit contract with Ukraine could be changed.

Russia is ready to continue gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine on its own terms. “We are ready to continue Ukrainian transit, but on terms, which we need”, he said. According to his words “there are a row of elements Ukrainians cannot agree with yet”.

The official does not exclude that the continuation of current gas transit contract through Ukraine may be with necessary changes.

Pankin pointed out the possible difficulties that European customers would pose. If Russia will be pressured to “force Russia to pump gas through Ukraine on their terms, with their tariffs, with uncertainty in legal things, this number will probably not pass”.

 Earlier it was reported that the EU is considering the question of amending gas legislation, which may hinder the implementation of “Nord Stream2”. One of the proposals was that responsibility for gas pipelines with third countries, such as Russia, lies with the country where the gas pipeline is for the first time connected to the European network. Thus, all decisions on the “Nord Stream 2” will be taken by Germany.



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