“Russia wants to repeat that same feat like in 2009” – Kobolev about the transit contract

The Head of the NJSC “Naftogaz Ukrainy”, Andrei Kobolev, said that Russia could turn off gas supplies through the Ukrainian corridor for European consumers, while concluding a new gas transit contract. Such actions can be used to promote the idea of “Nord Stream-2”.

“Their intention is simple – the change of power (after the elections in Ukraine –ed.) and, possibly, with the new government, the old contract can be continued, which is only not interesting for us, as well as it contradicts Ukrainian and European legislation”, he said.

Kobolev emphasized that Russia can repeat its actions like in 2009 if the gas contract is not extended.

“Of course, in the end of December when it is cold, there will be no new contract, the Russians will try to repeat the same trick that was in 2009, when gas supplies along the Ukrainian corridor for European consumers were cut off. This will cause a crisis”, Kobolev noted.

The Russians are doing everything to prevent gas transit through Ukraine, because if Nord Stream 2 and the Turkish Stream are launched, the transit volume of the Ukrainian system will be approximately equal to zero.

He added that Ukrainian government explains to foreign partners that by agreeing with so called commercial project of “Nord Stream 2” pipeline, they actually can open the way for Russian tanks to the territory of Ukraine.

Source: epravda


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