Russia starts gas supplies to Moldova under a new contract

Gazprom has started gas supplies to Moldova under a new contract, said the press secretary of the Moldovagaz enterprise Oleksandr Barbov, RBС reports.

“Gas supplies to Moldova under the new contract have started. Its cost in November is determined according to the price calculation formula reached in negotiations with Gazprom. Gas is supplied via the previous route through the territory of Ukraine,” he said.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu said in an interview that she was pleased that the parties managed to reach an agreement. According to her, two problems prevented concluding a new contract, the biggest of which was the issue of gas prices.

“From our side, we wanted to get a price that we can pay, that our people can pay, our businesses. The competitiveness of our enterprises depends on the gas price, and the most serious issue was the price issue,” she said.

She named Moldova's debt to Gazprom as the second problem. According to the President of Moldova, during the negotiations, the parties agreed to conduct an audit and after it, they will continue the conversation about the restructuring of Moldovagaz's debts. Gazprom assessed Moldova's debt, taking into account overdue payments, at $ 709 million.

To recap:

On October 22, a state of emergency was declared in Moldova due to critical gas prices. The country cannot agree with the Russian Gazprom on the price for the supply of natural gas.

The Prime Minister of Moldova said that the country would continue negotiations with Gazprom on a new gas supply contract.

On October 25, an official representative of Gazprom said that the company could completely stop gas supplies to the country if Chisinau did not pay off the debt and sign a new contract from December 1.

Europe said it would help Moldova solve the gas crisis.

Moldova continued to buy gas from European companies and signed another supply contract with a Dutch company.

One of the European publications reported that Gazprom offered Moldova a new gas deal in exchange for weakening ties with the EU.

The European Commission has allocated €60 million to Moldova to overcome the crisis that has arisen in the country due to the gas shortage and difficult negotiations with Gazprom.

On October 28, Poland once again won a tender for the supply of gas to Moldova.

Moldova borrowed gas from Ukraine and Romania.

Naftogaz will supply gas to Moldova.

Moldova has calculated the cost of gas without a contract with Gazprom.

On October 29, Moldova agreed with Gazprom on gas supplies.

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