Russia has completely stopped gas transit through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline

The Russian company Gazprom has completely stopped gas transit through the transnational Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, Interfax reports.

The data of the German gas transmission operator Gascade show a decrease in the physical gas flow at the entrance to the Malnov pump station in eastern Germany from 8:00 am Berlin time (9:00 am Kyiv time) to zero.

The contract between Gazprom and the operator of the Polish gas transmission system Gaz-System on gas transit to Europe through the Yamal-Europe pipeline expired on May 17. Further, the power of the pipe is distributed at auctions of various terms, from a year to several hours.

Gazprom sharply reduced the booking of the Polish pipe over the weekend: to 33% on Saturday and 10% on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, only 3.8% of capacities were purchased, which is 3.3 million cubic meters per day.

However, already in June the capacities of the transit pipe were purchased by 93%, and by 80% in the third quarter; an auction for the next gas year will be held on July 6 (from October 2020 to September 2021).

Recall that Gazprom began gas transmission through Poland according to European rules.

Earlier it was reported that the Polish PGNiG reported that Gazprom agreed to change the price of gas supplies after the decision of the Stockholm arbitration.

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