From May 1 each Ukrainian region will have a different gas price for the population

After the introduction of new tariffs for transportation for Ukrtransgaz by the Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission each region of Ukraine will have its own gas price for residential consumers. The press service of the Gas Market Association of Ukraine reported it.

According to the Association Naftogaz and the Cabinet of Ministers settled the gas price for the population from May 1, 2019.

According to the draft supplementary agreements which Naftogaz sent to suppliers with special obligations, the wholesale price of gas by which NJSC sell it for the needs of residential consumers from 01.05.2019 will be 5990 UAH per thousand cubic meters. At the same time, the final price of gas should be 8247.00 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

The natural gas price in May 2019:

In additional agreements, the wholesale price for household consumers is also indicated for June 2019: it will be 6299 UAH per thousand cubic meters, so the final cost will be 8 627.01 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

But the final price of gas will vary throughout Ukraine. The Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission established a new tariff for gas transmission for Ukrtransgaz, based on the ordered capacity. It stipulates that domestic gas consumers will pay a fixed rate for gas transmission services via the gas transmission system (in fact, a monthly fee) in the amount of 157.19 UAH per thousand cubic meters (excluding VAT). This rate is a component of the final gas price for the population and is valid for all regions of Ukraine. Ukrtransgaz has already sent new gas transmission agreements to gas suppliers for the population.

The cost of natural gas in June 2019:

Previously, the cost of gas for consumers was the same in all regions, since for all regions of Ukraine there was the same overall tariff for gas delivery. The tariff consisted of the price of transportation and the price of distribution for GDS operators.


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