Naftogaz is preparing to interconversion of gas metering in energy units (kWh) from 2021

Ukrtransgaz has begun testing a software package that automatically collects and analyzes data from meters for the volume and quality of natural gas in energy units (kW), the press service reports.

It is planned that by the end of 2020, this software package will be put into commercial operation in 11 Ukrainian UGS facilities.

“Thus, from 2021, Ukrainian gas storage facilities will be ready for the next stage of integration with the EU gas market – the interconversion of the gas metering system from cubic meters to kWh. The latest standard has been adopted in the EU countries,” the message says.

The software package is an internal development of the Gas Transport Institute, which is part of the Naftogaz Group. It automatically calculates the volume of gas in energy units using the quality parameters of natural gas determined by chemical analytical laboratories.

Also, modern gas metering units with flow chromatographs and moisture meters will be installed during 2021-2025 at nine Ukrainian storage facilities, which, following the Code of Gas Storage Facilities, should be installed at the border of the balance sheet responsibility of UGS and GTS. This will make it possible to track the qualitative and physicochemical characteristics of natural gas online, to take it into account both in physical and energy units.

“This year, the Ukrainian Gas Storage Operator stores 10 billion cubic meters of gas from foreign companies. To continue keeping European customers' interest, we are systematically introducing standards for the EU gas market, increasing customer focus, and transparency of our work. The transition to gas metering in a format understandable for Europeans – energy units – will be another step on the way to European integration,” said Acting General Director of Ukrtransgaz Serhii Pereloma.

The initiative to switch to gas metering in energy units is contained in draft law No.2553, prepared for the second reading. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the draft law in the first reading on June 16, 2020.

As reported, gas transit from the Russian Federation amounted to 45 billion cubic meters for 10 months.

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