US Senate approves Granholm's candidacy for the post of head of the Ministry of Energy

The US Senate has approved Jennifer Granholm's candidacy for the post of head of the Ministry of Energy, Interfax reports.

The candidacy was confirmed with 64 votes in favour, 35 senators voted against it.

Granholm was selected by Biden from a list of candidates that also included former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Deputy Energy Secretary Arun Majumdar.

Granholm, who served as Governor of Michigan for two terms, has extensive experience in the auto industry. This is seen as a big advantage in today's American establishment as Biden seeks to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Besides, Granholm is positioning himself as a person capable of helping the American industry move towards clean energy, a process that Biden made one of his four main goals.

In the course of the election race, Biden promised, if elected president, to embark on increasingly active use of "clean" energy sources in the United States to dramatically reduce the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and, thus, contribute to the fight against climate change. According to Biden's plan, the country needs substantial investment in clean energy.

At the same time, he calls for the introduction of restrictions that will affect companies producing oil and gas.

Biden also intends to take tough measures, including in the judicial sphere, to fight against companies that pollute the environment.

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