To break the heating season: 133 heat producers do not pay off their debts to Naftogaz

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine published information on heat producers that do not comply with the requirements of the law regarding the minimum level of payments for gas production on PSOs.

“Inappropriate payments of enterprises for gas pose a threat to consumers' heat supply during the heating period. It is absolutely unacceptable”, reports Naftogaz.

The information includes data on the debt of each enterprise and the minimum amount, the payment of which will allow the heat producer to receive gas under the PSO. List of all debtor companies are indicated on the website of Naftogaz.

Now the list includes 133 debtors with a total number of heat producers (at the end of the previous heating season) of 1316 enterprises.


Government Decision No.867 provides that the mandatory conditions for the supply of gas to heat producers are: the signing of an agreement with Naftogaz in accordance with the law and the fulfillment of at least one of the conditions below: 


  • compliance with the payments level of at least 90% (taking into account unfunded benefits and subsidies and excluding penalties sanctions); or
  • conclusion and fulfillment of the agreement with Naftogaz on the restructuring of debts for consumed natural gas in the framework of the implementation of the Law of Ukraine of November 3, 2016 No.1730-VIII “On measures aimed at resolving the debts of heat supplying and heat producing organizations and centralized water supply and drainage companies for consumed energy carriers”

  • coordination with Naftogaz and the executive body of the local council of a schedule for paying off debts until 2021, its observance and payment of current payments.

“In all other cases, Naftogaz has no legal basis for supplying gas to heat producers and signing act of gas acceptance-transfer with them on favorable terms”, Naftogaz website says.



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