USA: Nord Stream 2 will make Europe thin skinned

Donald Trump and his administration are opposed to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. It was announced by US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry during the inaugural ministerial meeting of the Transatlantic Partnership for Energy Cooperation, which takes place in Houston.

Nord Stream-2 “not only undermines the energy security of Europe, but together with the“ Turkish Stream ”will allow Russia to realize its public threats to stop the transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine”,  the Minister of Energy said.

Rick Perry believes that Nord Stream 2 not only represents a threat to the energy security of Europe, but also, together with the Turkish Stream, will enable Russia to realize its public threats to stop the transit of gas through Ukraine.

The US Secretary of Energy noted that the construction of Nord Stream 2 will not contribute to the diversification of energy supply routes to Europe, but to concentrate two thirds of Russian gas supplies to the EU. According to Perry, it will make Europe much more thinly skinned.

Perry stressed that the United States supports European countries in minimizing their dependence on a single energy supplier, as well as the ability of such a supplier to use energy as a mechanism to gain political advantage.

Source: ТСН

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