The United States will impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 in the event of a threat to Ukraine

During the visit of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the White House, US President Joseph Biden said that he personally guaranteed sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 in case of a threat to Ukraine due to a violation by the Russian Federation or others.

Zelenskyy said this during a briefing after a meeting at the White House, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

He said the United States would guarantee the imposition of sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline, which was built bypassing Ukraine:

“While we are at the stage where President Biden personally guarantees that if from the Russian Federation - or from other representatives of Nord Stream 2 in the event of its launch - if some things will be affected by these countries, which envisage a dangerous situation through energy problems for Ukraine, the United States guarantees the imposition of sanctions against Nord Stream 2”.

Zelenskyy positively assessed such a result of the negotiations, however, noted that this issue should be “discussed in the future”.

According to the President, Ukraine has 100% support among the Ukrainian caucus in the US Congress, which includes more than 50 congressmen.

As reported, the US President signed a decree on the possibility of sanctions against Russian pipelines.

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