Eastern Mediterranean countries signed an agreement to establish a gas organization

The states of the Eastern Mediterranean region have signed an agreement to create a regional gas organization headquartered in Cairo, Finanz.ru reports.

The signing ceremony of the Charter on the transformation of the existing gas forum of the Eastern Mediterranean countries into a full-fledged organization with the participation of representatives of seven participating countries was held in Egypt.

“The Forum, created in 2019, aims to create a regional energy market, strengthen trade relations and meet supply and demand in the participating countries,” the statement said.

The message notes that the new organization is designed to ensure and promote the export of natural gas from the Eastern Mediterranean region to Europe and other states. As Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Monday, "The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, which until now has only been a platform for discussion, is actually turning into an international organization."

Representatives of the energy ministers of Egypt, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Palestine and Italy worked on the charter of the new regional structure via videoconference.

Cairo is also interested in joining the organization of other countries, in particular France and the United States.

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