Swiss court removed an attachment from assets of “Gazprom”. “Naftogaz” says it’s all right

On January 16, Canton of Zug court cancelled the decision of May 29, 2018 in Switzerland on imposition of secure measures on “Gazprom’s” shares in Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG and on the receivables against these companies. Press service of Russian company informs it, “Interfax-Ukraine” says.

Further “Gazprom” will protect its rights in accordance with applicable legislation, it is said in the message.

In his turn, the executive director of “Naftogaz”, Yuri Vitrenko said, that Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 companies registered in Switzerland assured officers of justice that they could not abide by the court’s decision on shares freeze belonged to “Gazprom” as shares was issued in the documentary form and they did not have such shares.

“There are no these assets of “Gazprom” in Switzerland due to companies’ data at least they have not been found yet. So the decision on “Gazprom’s” assets freeze, as they have not been found in Switzerland, the Swiss court cancelled”, he said.

Vitrenko reminded that “Naftogaz” found some of these shares earlier in the United Kingdom and “Gazprom’s” subsidiary was made to oblige in London court to do nothing with these shares until further decision:

“After these incidents with the shares of “Nord Stream”, issued in the documentary form, which location is unknown and who they belong to as well, you can believe in the theory that they were distributed to “Putin's friends”, particularly in Europe, and therefore individual politicians in Europe are so desperately defending “Nord Stream 2”, the executive director noted.

He also emphasized that by the decision the Swiss court approves the validity of the arbitration decision and the possibility of enforcing this decision in Switzerland, “it is only needed to find assets for recovery. Therefore, we continue to search Gazprom’s assets in this country”.



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