District heating companies announced their readiness to hold an all-Ukrainian protest

Ассоциация «Укртеплокоммунэнерго», Ассоциация городов Украины и Профсоюз работников ЖКХ обратились к Президенту Украины, Премьер-министру и Председателю Верховной Рады с требованием немедленно принять меры для решения самого глубокого за 10 лет кризиса в сфере теплокоммунэнерго (ТКЭ). В противном случае предприятия ТКЭ не смогут обеспечить стабильное прохождение отопительного сезона и будут инициировать всеукраинскую акцию протеста, сообщает пресс-служба Укртеплокоммунэнерго.

Ukrteplokommunenergo Association, the Ukrainian Cities Association and the Housing and Utilities Workers' Union appealed to the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada with a demand to immediately take action to resolve the deepest crisis in 10 years in district heating companies. Otherwise, district heating companies will not be able to ensure a stable passage of the heating season and will initiate an all-Ukrainian protest action, the press service of Ukrteplokommunenergo reports.

So, the Ukrteplokommunenergo, the Association of Ukrainian Cities and the Trade Union of Housing and Utilities Workers require until October 1, 2021:

To ensure prompt and well-coordinated interaction of state bodies in the development and adoption of by-laws for the implementation of Law No.1639 dated July 14, 2021, and amending the State budget to compensate for the difference in tariffs for heat energy and heat supply services in 2021.

To remove arrests from current accounts of heat supply companies and prohibit the imposition of arrests to establish parity compliance of fines and other financial sanctions that can be applied by natural gas suppliers, operators of gas distribution networks, electricity suppliers with the number of sanctions of district heating companies to their debtors and the establishment of economically justified tariffs.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine shall oblige Naftogaz Trading Group of Companies to exclude from the contract for the supply of natural gas to heat supply companies discriminatory norms related to a monopoly position, in particular: to exclude prepayment; exclude the accrual of penalties on the total volume of consumed natural gas; exclude the contractual write-off of funds from the accounts of heat supply companies and the provision of bank guarantees.

“In case of failure to comply with these measures by October 1, 2021, district heating companies do not guarantee the start of the heating season and its sustainable passage, and will also be forced to initiate all-Ukrainian protest actions of industry workers ... to apply economically justified tariffs and/or determine a clear mechanism compensation of losses of district heating companies exclusively from the state budget,” the statement says.

To recap, the draft state budget for 2022 provides UAH 34 billion in subsidies for housing and utilities.

As a reminder, NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine has prepared a three-year contract for the supply of gas to heat producers. From June 2021 and for 13 months, the long-term market price will be UAH 7.42 per cubic meter. Price offers for district heating companies in the following periods (from July 1, 2022, and from July 1, 2023) will be indexed.

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