Turkey announced the extension of geological exploration off the coast of Cyprus

Turkey has issued another international notification of Navtex on the extension of the terms of geological exploration of hydrocarbon deposits southwest of Cyprus. Currently, until November 9, Angi reports.

The Turkish exploration vessel Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa is conducting an exploration of hydrocarbon deposits in the area, accompanied by two other ships.

Recently, relations between Athens and Ankara have sharply deteriorated since the Turkish research vessel Oruç Reis conducted seismic surveys in the Eastern Mediterranean in an area that Greece considers to be its exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The Greek armed forces were put on high alert. Turkey has also begun exploration in the area that Cyprus considers its EEZ.

Soon after Ankara withdrew the Oruç Reis and warships from the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Foreign Ministry on September 22 announced an agreement to resume sounding contacts with Turkey, which were interrupted in 2016, and hold the 61st round of contacts in near future.

To recap, the EU threatened Turkey with new sanctions over the exploration of gas fields near Cyprus.

Earlier it was reported that Azerbaijan retains leadership in gas supplies to Turkey.

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