Turkish Stream suspends gas supplies

The Turkish Stream gas pipeline will stop for a week of maintenance, Interfax reports.

The scheduled preventive maintenance on the Turkish Stream offshore gas pipeline will take place from June 22 to June 29 (7 gas days). The transportation of natural gas along both offshore lines of the gas pipeline will be stopped.

The shutdown is associated with annual scheduled maintenance and major diagnostic work. The works will be carried out by South Stream Transport B.V. - operator of the marine gas transmission system.

Turkish Stream with a design capacity of 31.5 billion cubic meters. m of gas per year supplies gas to the west of Turkey, as well as Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2020, the Turkish Stream offshore gas pipeline across the Black Sea, in its first year of operation, was loaded at about 43% of its design capacity - it transported 13.51 billion cubic meters. m of natural gas. Average occupancy rose to 73% in the first quarter of 2021.

Each line of the pipeline is capable of pumping up to 41.7 million cubic meters per day. m of gas.

To recap, work on the construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline in Denmark may resume.

Earlier it was reported that Gazprom booked an additional 15 million cubic meters per day of the Ukrainian gas transmission system capacity in July.

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