Turkish Stream will reduce gas transit through Ukraine by 15 billion cubic meters – GTS Operator

The launch of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline will reduce transit through Ukraine in 2020 by 15 billion cubic meters. This was reported on Facebook by the head of Ukrainian GTS Operator Serhiy Makohon.

“Gas transit through Ukraine in the Balkan direction from 01.01.2020 is carried out only for the needs of Romania and Moldova. Bulgaria, Turkey and other countries in this region no longer receive gas through Ukraine. As a result, the decrease in transit through Ukraine this year will be about 15 billion m3”, he wrote.

He also noted that the company is looking for new opportunities to use the existing infrastructure (Trans-Balkan gas pipeline) and has achieved the creation on its basis of a new corridor for gas supplies to Ukraine from Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece in the amount of up to 15.8 million m3 per day. “We look forward to test deliveries in January”.

Makohon also said that the Ukrainian GTS is gradually reaching the planned transit volumes. Since January 8, transit exceeded 100 million per day.

“Applications for transit are fully implemented”, he said.

Recall, December 30, Ukraine and the Russian Federation signed an agreement on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine for the European market.

Earlier it was reported that the executive director of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko believes that Ukraine has changed the gas transit conditions in its favor.

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