“Naftogaz” does not expect negotiations with “Gazprom” to be successful

“We do not expect the successful completion of these negotiations, but we expect that real negotiations will begin. So far, we have seen that there are no real negotiations”, said Vitrenko on the eve of the negotiations, which will be held at 15:00 European time on Monday in Brussels at the political level.

He notes that today the meeting will be held at the ministerial level, and in order to obtain concrete results in the course of the current negotiations it is necessary to work out agreements by experts that could be signed or agreed upon at the political level.

“This is a serious issue that has too many technical aspects. It is impossible to coordinate technical aspects during a political meeting”, said a representative of the Ukrainian company.

 According to him, during the current meeting, the Ukrainian side hopes to hear the “position of the Russian side”:

“So far it was no negotiations at all until the so-called balance was restored - until Ukraine would refuse to win Stockholm arbitration. Perhaps now they will begin real negotiations on transit”, added Vitrenko.

At the same time, the representative of “Naftogaz” called the Ukrainian position:

“Ukraine remains a reliable partner of gas, which is able to provide transit through the territory of Ukraine in full compliance with European rules ... For us, this is the main thing — and our position on this is unshakable. We are not ready for the special conditions that were previously with Russia, which were enslaving for Ukraine”.

 Vitrenko also noted that the Ukrainian side is interested in the fact that European companies buy gas on the border of Ukraine with the Russian Federation. "And it can be not only Russian gas, but also from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan."

The second round of tripartite gas negotiations at the political level will take place in Brussels today with the participation of the Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Shefchovich, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, the Head of NJSC “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobolev, U. Vitrenko, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and the Head of the Russian concern Alexander Miller (instead of the previously announced by his deputy Alexander Medvedev).

Earlier, on January 15, “technical negotiations” had to be held, but representatives of the Russian company did not come.


Source: biz.censor.net.ua

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