Ukraine is going to change its energy strategy – Orzhel

Ukraine will make energy decisions, taking into account energy independence, long-term environmental goals and energy market efficiency. To do this, it will adopt a new energy strategy.

This was announced at Kyiv International Economic Forum by Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Olexiy Orzhel.

“We are going to change the energy strategy. The one we have is factually incorrect. We will lay a new logic – the unification of energy and ecology”, he said.

According to the Minister, new elements will be introduced into the new energy strategy. In particular, special attention will be paid to the issue of own production.

“Ukraine does not use the reserves it has. We produce only 1.2 -1.4% of what we have. In developed countries, it is 4-5%. And this is bad, given our energy dependence”, said Orzhel.

Also, Ukraine will continue to contribute to the development of renewable energy and a careful attitude to nuclear energy, the Minister emphasized.

The other energy tasks voiced by Orzhel include increasing of energy independence, developing an effective market. To do it, according to him, it is necessary to remove ineffective tools, in particular, PSO.


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