Ukraine can start exporting green hydrogen by 2024

During the Forum of Associations in Kyiv, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine could start exporting green hydrogen to the European Union by 2024, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

Hydrogen can be produced using gas or coal, but green is produced using renewable energy sources.

Kuleba noted that projects for the production and supply of green hydrogen from Ukraine to the EU have already been launched, and by 2024 “we will be able to launch the first export deliveries”.

According to the minister, the production and supply of hydrogen are strategic issues.

Earlier, Kuleba said that Ukraine in relations with Germany can take the place of Russia when it comes to energy cooperation, thanks to green hydrogen.

Besides, in July 2020, the EU identified Ukraine as its priority partner in the implementation of the European hydrogen strategy and the supply of the latest energy resource to the European market.

To recap, GTSOU says that Ukraine supports decarbonization, but it needs to cover its own needs.

Earlier, the foreign minister invited the United States to invest in the production of hydrogen in Ukraine.

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