Ukraine leads the European ranking of working rigs

At the initiative of the Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine, Ukraine was for the first time included in the world-renowned index Baker Hughes GE Rig Count. According to the report, our country leads in Europe in terms of the number of active drilling rigs.

As of May, in Europe worked 186 drilling rigs, of which almost half - 84 - in Ukraine. For example, after Ukraine follows Turkey (20 drilling rigs) and the United Kingdom (16).

"Over the past two years, Ukraine has carried out significant reforms in domestic natural gas production, improving the regulation climate and modernizing the legislation framework. These changes are strongly noticed by Ukrainian and foreign investors - the upstream industry is becoming more and more attractive for investments in their eyes. The mark of Ukraine in the International Rig Count is extremely important, as it is a good signal for the leading gas producing and service companies to come in Ukraine" said Roman Opimakh, Executive Director of the Association.

Baker Hughes has issued the rotary rig counts as a service to the petroleum industry since 1944. It is considered a significant indicator of activity in the oil and gas industry in the world and the main barometer of consumption and demand for hydrocarbons.


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