Ukraine is the leader in the world in the consumption of LPG in transport

In terms of LPG consumption in the transport sector, Ukraine is the undisputed leader in the world. At the end of 2019, the share of gas in the total basket of motor fuels (diesel fuel, gasoline and gas) consumed in our country is about 25%, which is twice or more than the level of Turkey (12%) and South Korea following us in terms of this figure (slightly less than 10%). These are the results of Kosatka. Media own calculations based on the data of Enkorr.

The Ukrainian market has surpassed not only any of the European countries in the spread of gas usage, but is also the absolute world leader in the use of the product in transport sector in terms of the share of used fuels in the basket with a double margin from the second country in terms of this figure.

It is all about the population and the number of vehicles in each country using oil products and LPG, as well as the income level of the population, which has significantly decreased in Ukraine over the past six years as a result of Russian aggression.

In Ukraine, the number of vehicles per 1,000 people is about half that of neighboring Poland, while the number of people is comparable. According to Menecon Consulting, which Enkorr reports, at the end of 2019, in absolute terms, Ukraine ranks fifth in terms of LPG consumption in transport in the world with a figure of 1.8 million tons. Turkey takes first place, followed by South Korea, Russia and Poland. The first three countries are significantly superior to Ukraine in terms of population, and Poland is significantly ahead of the number of cars.

This imbalance in the consumption of gasoline and autogas has led to many years of non-increase in excise taxes on autogas, which has been actively discussed in industry circles for at least three years. Today, Ukrainian drivers consume in bulk units (in liters) about 57–58% of gas and 42–43% of gasoline, the Rubicon of gas-gas parity was crossed about three years ago. So, most of the fuel consumed in cars with gasoline engines in this basket have long belonged to a gas product.

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