Ukraine reduced gas imports from Europe in October - GTSOU

The Ukrainian gas transmission system operator reported that for 10 months of 2021, Ukraine imported 2.535 billion cubic meters of gas, export and re-export amounted to 1.629 billion cubic meters.

In October 2021, the volume of natural gas transported from the EU to Ukraine amounted to 154.7 million cubic meters. But the export, together with the re-export of gas from Ukraine to European countries, increased by 81% compared to September and amounted to 479.3 million cubic meters.

Gas imports compared to the previous month decreased by 77% or 510 million cubic meters. After stopping the physical transit of gas to Hungary, imports from this country to Ukraine decreased 16 times but did not stop completely due to the virtual reverse. In October, 37 million cubic meters of gas were imported from Hungary.

импорт газа

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Slovakia became the leader in gas supplies to Ukraine, its share of total imports amounted to almost 75% (115.9 million cubic meters). Imports from Poland fell to 1.8 million cubic meters.

Gas exports and re-exports in October increased by 81% compared to September due to an increase in gas supplies to Slovakia and amounted to 479.3 million cubic meters. Accordingly, customers exported 223 million cubic meters to Hungary, 191.7 million cubic meters to Slovakia, 53.3 million cubic meters to Poland.

Also in October, Moldova, for the first time in many years, ordered not only Russian gas but also used the services of alternative suppliers. From Ukraine to Moldova 11.2 million cubic meters of gas were exported by five suppliers.

To recap, from October 1, 2021, Gazprom stopped the transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine in the direction of Hungary.

“The October results show that the stoppage of the physical transit of gas to Hungary through Ukraine significantly limited the ability of Ukrainian and foreign customers to import gas along this route. However, due to the availability of alternative routes, customers switched to import from Slovakia,” the message says.

To recap, Gazprom did not book capacity for the first quarter of 2022 through Ukraine and Poland.

As reported, gas consumption would be calculated differently in Ukraine.

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