Ukraine reduced gas imports by 69.1% in January

During January 2019, Ukraine imported 247.7 million cubic meters of gas, which is 553.8 million cubic meters less than in January 2018.

Thus, in January 2019, Ukraine reduced imports of natural gas by 3.2 times compared to the same month in 2018, when the volume of imports reached 801.5 million cubic meters.

As the last year, Ukraine imports gas from three directions – Poland (Gas Measuring Station Hermanovichi), Slovakia (Gas Measuring Station Budinets) and Hungary (Gas Measuring Station Berehdarots).

Of the total amount of imported gas (247.7 million cubic meters), 49.5% were supplied from Slovakia (122.67 million cubic meters), 34.3% – from Hungary (84.85 million cubic meters), 16 .2% – from Poland (40.17 million cubic meters). Such operational data provides “Ukrtransgaz”, writes Kosatka.Media.

 By the end of the month, supplies from Slovakia increased significantly: if at the beginning of January, an average of 2–3 thousand cubic meters was supplied per day, then after the 25th, supplies were more than doubled – to 6-8 thousand cubic meters per day. Fluctuations in deliveries from the Polish and Hungarian directions were insignificant.

In general, compared to January 2018, imports from Slovakia decreased by 79.4%, from Hungary – by 14.9%, from Poland – by 60.1%.

If to compare with the two years ago indicators, then in January 2017, import volumes were 5.9 times more (imports amounted to 1 billion 453.1 million cubic meters). At the same time, there are no any noticeable replacement of gas by own production – in fact, in 2018 gas production in Ukraine increased only by 500 million cubic meters of gas. Rather, the reason for the decrease in gas consumption may be a decrease in the industrial indicators of the country (as energy efficiency also does not improve).

Ukraine has not imported natural gas under a contract with Gazprom for more than three years (from November 26, 2015), and buys fuel exclusively at the western border.

It was reported earlier that from the beginning of the heating season to February 2, 2019, Ukraine reduced gas reserves in underground storage facilities by 35.7% (by 6.141 billion) to 11.53 billion cubic meters. Such data is provided by “Ukrtransgaz”.


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