Ukrainian gas production increased by 6% in May

Ukrainian gas producing companies in May 2022 increased natural gas production by 6% compared to April, that equals to 1,553 million cubic meters, according to the Energy Suppliers Association. 

“In May, some private companies managed  to reach pre-war levels of production. Thus, the amount of gas produced increased by 6% compared to April, that equals 1,553 million cubic meters of gas. Now this is the highest figure since the beginning of the war,” the report says. 

Over the five months of 2022, gas producing companies, despite the war, managed to increase gas production by 1.5%. If in January-May 2021 the volume of gas produced reached 7,687 million cubic meters, then for the same period of the current year 127 million cubic meters more were produced  - 7,814 million cubic meters. 

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At the same time, natural gas consumption in Ukraine continues to decline: only 714 million cubic meters were consumed in May, which is almost half as much as a year ago.

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