Gazprom's gas export revenue fell by 40% in 2020

Gazprom's revenues from gas exports in 2020 were 39.6% lower than in 2019, Vedomosti reports.

Thus, according to the Federal Tax Service, the company received $ 25.25 billion from hydrocarbon exports last year, while in 2019 - $ 41.63 billion. The physical volume of exports fell by 9.7% to 199, 2 billion cubic meters compared to 219.9 billion cubic meters a year earlier.

Simultaneously, in the last month of the year, the physical volume of exports increased by 7.6% (19.7 billion cubic meters), and in monetary terms, it increased by 8.4% ($3.09 billion).

In December 2020, the average gas price reached an annual maximum of $156.6 per thousand cubic meters against $155.48 in November and $145 in October. The minimum was recorded in June at $82.

In 2019, PJSC Gazprom's income from gas exports decreased by 15.3% compared to 2018.

To recap, the construction of Nord Stream 2 was resumed.

Earlier, Gazprom might refuse to continue construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

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