Belarus announces readiness of a roadmap for the creation a single gas market with Russia

First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mykola Snopkov said that the roadmap for the creation of a single gas market for the Union State is ready, Interfax reports.

“The roadmap is completed, the basis of the map is the definition next year of unambiguous principles and approaches to the functioning of the unified gas market that are clear to both sides,” Snopkov said.

According to him, Belarus has the best gas price in comparison with all CIS countries and in comparison with the European Union.

“It's comfortable for us today. These principles will determine what will happen in the future. Because the market is volatile. (...) Therefore, these principles should form the correct price response in the conditions of the Union State," Snopkov emphasized.

Snopkov mentioned that a certain formula can be determined by which the gas price will be calculated.

In 2021, the gas price for Belarus is $128.5 per thousand cubic meters.

The roadmaps represent an action plan to deepen integration in specific areas – a unified industrial policy, a unified agricultural policy, the creation of a unified market for oil, gas, electricity, and so on.

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