Gas prices in Europe are falling after two-day records

Gas futures prices in Europe at the opening of trading slightly exceed $1280 per thousand cubic meters. This is 1% lower than the settlement price of the previous trading day, reports Angi.

The cost of November gas futures according to the Dutch TTF index, the most liquid European hub, opened trading at almost $1260 per thousand cubic meters, after a few minutes it grew slightly, exceeded $1280. This is 1% below Wednesday's estimated price.

The day before, gas futures prices reached a record high of $1937 per thousand cubic meters.

Gas prices in Europe have risen sharply in recent months. Back in early August, the estimated price of the nearest future on the Dutch TTF index was about $515 per thousand cubic meters. meters. By the end of September, the figure had more than doubled.

Experts noted that the rise in prices for gas futures in Europe has been associated with several factors: the low level of occupancy of European underground gas storage facilities (UGS), limited supply from the main suppliers and high demand for LNG in Asia.

To recap, Europe is thinking about the reasons for the rise in gas prices.

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