Private housing offices of Kyiv owe almost UAH 6 million for heat – Kyivteploenergo

Kyivteploenergo reports that private housing offices/condominium associations accumulate debts for heating and hot water even though residents of houses pay them almost in full for the heat consumed and sometimes do not realize that their house is accumulating debts and is at risk of being left without heat.

It is noted that 18 capital's private housing offices and condominium associations have accumulated debt for the heat of about UAH 6 million. In these houses, the heating service is provided by a house manager (private housing office or condominium association), who, based on contracts for the supply of heat energy as a commercial product, buys the heat energy from the manufacturer.

Residents of these houses pay for heat to their private housing offices, and the last ones have payment obligations to the heat producer. And if the housing office does not fulfill the terms of the contract, does not pay for heat energy, then there is a huge debt of the house for heating and, as a result, the lack of heating.

The company notes that residents of the houses must establish control over the management company's financial aspects.

Also, Kyivteploenergo proposes to restructure debts with the determination of the timing of debt repayment. The algorithm is as follows:

Step 1. The client-legal entity must send a written request with the appropriate package of documents (to be specified in Kyivteploenergo) for consideration and decision-making on the possibility of restructuring.

Step 2. If the heat supplier decides to restructure the debt, the parties enter into an appropriate agreement on how the house manager pays the debt in the future.

“Also, after paying off the debt, residents should consider the feasibility of existing contractual relations and decide: to stay on these contracts with a private housing office or change contractual relations and switch to direct contracts with service providers,” the message says.

Let us remind you that in October, Kyivteploenergo replaced the heating network on the central highway of Podil.

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