Heating networks, which have been in operation for more than 60 years, are being reconstructed in Kyiv

Kyivteploenergo is replacing a section of the main pipeline with a length of almost a kilometre and which has worked for almost 60 years, the press service reports. Currently, the work continues in the area of ​​the Karavaevy dachas along the Vadyma Hetmana str. This pipeline supplies heat to 19 residential buildings, a school, a kindergarten and a number of departments.

Instead of the old ones, new preliminary insulated pipes of the European type with a diameter of 600 mm with a damage signalling system are laid. Modern shut-off valves are also installed here. The new pipes are designed to operate for 40-50 years.

The work is carried out under the Kyivteploenergo Investment Program and the Kyiv Economic and Social Development Program.

To recap, AMCU started a case against Kyivteploenergo.

As reported, Kyivteploenergo will receive a loan from the EBRD of EUR140 million for the development of the thermal infrastructure of the capital.

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