Loss of piping integrity occurred in Kyiv region

GTS Operator of Ukraine informs that the main gas pipeline KZU-1 was depressurized tonight in Kyiv region. This gas pipeline is used to transport gas from gas production facilities in the eastern regions to underground gas storage facilities in the western region of Ukraine.

“There are no victims or injured. Gas supplies to consumers are organized through other gas pipelines. This situation does not in any way affect the transit of gas to the EU countries,” the message says.

As soon as the dispatchers received a signal about a drop in pressure, the section of the gas pipeline where the accident occurred was turned off and the leak was localized. Appropriate switching to other gas pipelines was promptly organized, so gas transportation to consumers did not stop.

Now the police are working on the spot and the causes of the accident are being established. Upon completion of the investigative and operational actions, the OGTSU repair teams will begin to eliminate the consequences, according to preliminary estimates, the resumption of this section of the main gas pipeline will take 2-3 days.

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