Kyivteploenergo reports on tariffs for the population and state enterprises

According to Kyivteploenergo, tariffs for heat energy for the population in Kyiv remain at the level of last year.

Due to the rise in the cost of gas, tariffs for commercial and budgetary institutions have changed.

In connection with the expiration of the tariffs for Kyivteploenergo, which were established by order of the Kyiv City State Administration No. 2077 (according to Resolution No.869), as well as the rapid increase in the cost of gas and changes in the conditions for its purchase, new tariffs have been established for three categories of consumers: budgetary and commercial institutions as well as religious organizations.

It is noted that in the structure of Kyivteploenergo tariffs the fuel component is about 80%. After the cancellation of the PSO (imposition of special duties) on May 20 of this year, the actual purchase price of gas for district heating companies has changed significantly compared to the price included in the tariffs.

The terms of the agreement of Naftogaz Trading Group provide for the differentiation of natural gas prices. For commercial, budgetary and religious institutions, this is the market price, which is determined monthly.

“The new tariffs for heat energy of Kyivteploenergo for the needs of budgetary institutions, other consumers and religious organizations take into account the price of almost UAH 11.600/thous. cub. m including VAT, which was relevant at the time of calculating the draft tariffs to bring them to an economically feasible level. But already in October of this year, the purchase price of gas for these categories of consumers is almost UAH 25.000/thous. cub. m including VAT," the message said.

The validity period of the new Kyivteploenergo tariffs for budgetary, commercial and religious organizations is until September 30, 2022.

To recap, the Ministry of Energy called on the state enterprises to carefully choose gas suppliers.

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