The Ministry of Energy has developed documents for the preparation of the Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has developed three essential documents for the preparation of the Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Energy for European Integration Yaroslav Demchenkov, speaking at the 69th session of the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

Interconnectedness means that the same policy decision affects several sectors and industries at once.

“Ukraine strives to achieve sustainable development, while it is impossible to implement energy policy without taking into account the impact of these measures on the environment, human health, biodiversity etc. Finding integrated solutions requires high-quality coordination between all relevant players and a nationwide approach,” the statement says.

Ukraine is a member state of the UNECE and has already experienced the usefulness of the interconnected approach using the example of hydrogen energy. Hydrogen is an innovative solution for achieving carbon neutrality and other climate targets. And the UNECE supported Ukraine in the development of a draft roadmap for the production and use of hydrogen. During the work, the energy, transport and environmental aspects were carefully considered.

The cooperation between the UNECE divisions and the government of Ukraine, in particular, the Ministry of Energy, has resulted in three extremely important documents:

  • draft Roadmap for the production and use of hydrogen in Ukraine;
  • draft Roadmap for the use of hydrogen in Ukraine in road transport;
  • draft report on large-scale action following the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Roadmap.

To recap, the Ukrainian GTS will become part of the EU's hydrogen transport corridor.

As reported, the "average annual" production of "green" hydrogen in Ukraine could reach more than 5 billion m3.

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