Residential consumers will receive gas at the price of SoLR due to supplier problems in Odesa region

From October 1, 2021, GAZ TECHNOLOGY LLC has stopped supplying gas to its customers in Odesa region, the press service of Gas Supply CompanyNaftogaz of Ukraine reports.

The company did not fulfil the requirements of the Gas Transmission System Code and stopped supplying gas to the population.

Now 126 thousand household consumers receive gas through a temporary insurance mechanism – the supplier of last resort – Gas Supply CompanyNaftogaz of Ukraine.

Consumers must choose and connect to a permanent market supplier for an uninterrupted gas supply. Today, more than 50 companies supply gas to household customers in Ukraine.

To recap, Naftogaz announced how much SoLR clients would pay for gas in October.

Earlier, the Prime Minister said that Ukraine would not buy gas directly from Russia.

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