GTSOU says it will happen to gas pipelines after the transit stop

The GTS Operator said it would invest only in the gas infrastructure necessary for the gas transportation through the territory of Ukraine, and not involved in transit.

This was stated by Serhii Makohon, General Director of the Ukrainian GTS Operator.

“We invest only in those compressor stations, only in those gas pipelines that will be used regardless of whether there is transit or not. We are not investing in the modernization of infrastructure that will not be used in the absence of transit,” he said.

The company has to modernize ten compressor stations. Currently, work is underway at two stations: the Bar compressor station and the Yahotyn compressor station. Eight more are planned to be revamped in the coming years.

To recap, GTSOU is creating a new route for the supply of liquefied gas.

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