Gas supply being restored in ruined Borodianka

Kyivoblgas’ employees have started performing repairs to restore the gas supply in Borodianka village which has been occupied by Russians for a month.

As of now, 6 working crews are working there, the press service of the RGC company told Kosatka.Media.

Borodianka is located  50 km away from Kyiv. Rusian troops have destroyed most of the buildings in the village launching heavy shelling (including from tanks).

Работники Киевоблгаза возвращают газ в Бородянке

Restoring the gas supply requires: 

  • checking out a thousand kilometres of the pipes;
  • checking out the pipes in every house;
  • performing pressure tests.

All of these must be done before restarting gas supply in order to avoid gas leaks and accidents in the residents’ houses.

Working crews from other regions of Ukraine are also on their way to Kyiv region. Their help is needed in Bucha, Irpin, Borodianka, Hostomel.

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