Gas reserves in Ukraine decreased by 35.7%

From the beginning of the heating season to February 02, 2019, Ukraine reduced its gas reserves in underground storage facilities by 35.7% (by 6.141 billion) to 11.53 billion cubic meters. Such data is provided by “Ukrtransgaz”.

 Thus, on November 7-30, 1.73 billion cubic meters of gas were pumped from UGS, December 1-31 – 2.24 billion cubic meters, January 1-31 – 2.7 billion cubic meters, February 1-2 – 120.25 million cubic meters, including February 2 – 56.14 million cubic meters.

Pumping gas from storages on February 2, 2018, amounted to 84.85 million cubic meters with reserves of 12.350 billion cubic meters, 2017 – 83.4 million cubic meters with reserves of 9.709 billion cubic meters, 2016 – 56.27 million cubic meters with reserves of 10.996 billion cubic meters, 2015 – 41.93 million cubic meters with reserves of 9.210 billion cubic meters.

In 2018, the total gas pumped from storage facilities exceeded its pumping into by 0.82 billion cubic meters, and in 2017, the pumping into exceeded the pumping out by 2.733 billion cubic meters.

“Ukrtransgaz” services the gas pipeline system and 12 underground gas storage facilities in the country with a total capacity of 31 billion cubic meters.


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