A car fueled with hydrogen was certified in Ukraine for the first time

President of the Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council" Oleksandr Repkin delivered and certified for the first time in Ukraine a car of the Japanese Toyota brand, which is fueled with hydrogen, the press service reports.

The plans for the coming years include the development of infrastructure for hydrogen transport. Among the first steps is the certification of another car and the creation of the first hydrogen filling station in Ukraine. In the meantime, the car will be refuelled in neighbouring Poland.

“Bringing a car here in transit does not mean leaving it in Ukraine,” says Alexander. - Our car will drive on Ukrainian roads and therefore has already passed the appropriate certification and received Ukrainian numbers. The process was complicated, and not everyone would decide on it, since this is a personal investment, and the risk of not being certified is great. It took us a month and a half to do this - the car had to be properly classified in order for it to meet current safety standards. But it was difficult only because this is the first certification. Now, everyone who wants to clear customs for the hydrogen car will only take three days to complete it. "

To recap, the Ministry of Infrastructure will create conditions for the development of hydrogen-electric transport.

As reported, the world's largest hydrogen refuelling station was opened in Beijing.

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